As a leader, time is your most valuable resource. You don't have time to wade through the sea of terrible articles out there to try and find the good ones to stay current on the topic of leadership. So let me do it for you. Below are the most popular leadership articles from the last 7 days based on social network shares. These are what everyone is talking about. Enjoy!

#1   6 Things Great Leaders Do Differently

By Travis Bradberry - Jan 13, 2016

#2   10 Qualities of People With High Emotional Intelligence

By John Rampton - Jan 14, 2016

#3   We Learn More When We Learn Together 

By Jane E. Dutton - Jan 12, 2016

#4   This Is the Biggest Predictor of Career Success 

By Jessica Stillman - Jan 11, 2016

#5   What Really Influences Employee Motivation 

By Lindsay Mcgregor - Jan 13, 2016

#6   The downsides of collaboration between coworkers 

By Shana D. Lebowitz - Jan 10, 2016

#7   The Most Important Skill You Should Master This Year — Putting Down the Phone 

By Bill George - Jan 13, 2016

#8   Strategy and Execution Are the Same Thing 

By Roger L. Martin - Jan 12, 2016

#9   What I Learned From Not Being a Boss 

By Cameron Craig - Jan 14, 2016

#10   Want to Be an Outstanding Leader? Keep a Journal. 

By Nancy J. Adler - Jan 13, 2016

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