"There are no office hours for champions." ~Paul Dietzel

"The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities." ~ Stephen Covey

I’m writing this post while working way outside of normal hours at the office. We are prepping for a Board of Director’s meeting and the biggest Trade Show of the year (how these got scheduled in the same week I’ll never know). The thing is I’m not lonely, all of the major players in the company are here and we’re all focused on one goal: Finish setting up for both things flawlessly.

I am a big proponent of work/life balance, but the key is balance. Too often we take work life balance to be life/life balance. There are certain times where work wins out, and in my case, this week is definitely it. The Board Meeting is once a year and the Trade Show is every 18 months, so it’s not likely for this to recur next week. Meanwhile I am getting access and exposure to Executives that I don’t always get, which is helping me learn and helping my career.

The question is: What five or six events at your Company are the most impactful? These are the events that have the biggest bang for your “off hours” buck

  • This may be the Black Friday sale
  • This may be the day before taxes are due
  • This may be the end of quarter closing
  • This may be the night before opening a new store

Being a resource during the event and in the preparation for the event is something you should just be ready for, and in many cases you should make every effort to get yourself included. These are the things that allow you to “politically” miss some medium sized events to spend with family, and miss most of the small sized events. And planning on being there takes much of the sting out of being called in to help.

But the exposure and access to those in positions you would like to hold one day and the importance of these events on the company bottom line is what really sets these apart. Forget about those with the philosophy of always being there, these are the ones that really matter and where you would be truly missed, or miss a personal opportunity.

Do you know what big events every month or two you should be a part of? If not, then get on the list.

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