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Take charge of your OWN career development

I call this coaching series the Leadership Sprint Sessions because they are designed to give you maximum results in minimum time. How would you like to make the following shifts?

  • From a place where you second guess your decisions to one where you can move confidently through your day
  • From someone who comes home burnt out at the end of the day to one who feels a sense of peace and accomplishment
  • From someone who is being pulled in several directions at once to one who uses simple techniques to master their time and attention
  • From someone who is thoughtful and comes up with ideas to one who takes action on those ideas and is already well on their way to completing them
  • From someone who is known to have a "good" team to one who is known to have a communication structure and development plan in place that fosters a great team

HOW ARE You Going To Do It?

You'll be working with me one-on-one over the phone or Skype. Not one of my staff, not a consultant I trained, but with me personally. We'll have five sessions of 30 minutes each over the span of five weeks. The benefit of doing our one-on-ones in quick succession is that you create massive momentum behind your actions that you simply don't get in a more traditional once a month coaching sessions.

#1 - Fix Your Biggest Issues

Most problems aren't hidden. You already know what issues are frustrating you and cause you and your organization problems. The Leadership Sprint Sessions allow me to work directly with you to start addressing your two biggest concerns in our first session, no matter what they are. And as other issues pop up over the course of our time together, we'll talk through action plans for dealing with those as well.

#2 - Give You the Skills to Get Ahead

You'll pick three leadership topics to develop over your five sessions. This is where I can provide insight into your specific work situation, come up with a method of applying the learning that works for you, and help hold you accountable so you get the results you're looking for. The list of available leadership skills is below:

  • Time Management
  • Motivation (Employee & Personal)
  • Team Building
  • Employee Accountability
  • Communication Strategies
  • Goal Setting/Priorities
  • Empowering Employees/Delegating
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Balancing Friendship & Professionalism
  • Career Development Strategies

#3 - Chart Your Path Forward

One of the challenges of leadership is that there is so much to do and so many competing priorities that it's hard to focus on your goals. This creates a vicious cycle where you are working harder and harder, but accomplishing less and less important work. We will work together on simple and easy goal setting that will bring not only some clarity to your goals, but also will give you the tools, tricks, and habits to actually make progress on them. By the end of the sessions you will have a crystal clear plan moving forward throughout the rest of the year with timelines and milestones.

#4 - Give You Day to Day Solutions

Small obstacles and frustrations can wreak havoc on your plans, so you'll have time to bring those up in our sessions so that you can keep your plans on track. With that said; the only thing constant in organizations is change, and I can guarantee some changes will come your way over our time together, so you and I will maintain our flexibility to ensure you are addressing the most important things, not just the things you thought were important in Week One.

The secret is the structure

I used to bring on coaching clients with a yearly contract that gave them 1 hour of coaching a month and access to me on Skype or e-mail, but while they made significant progress, it was always slower than I wanted. What I've found through experimenting with different formats is a way to dramatically speed up the benefits of coaching AND reduce the cost for you.

Consistent and persistent action builds on itself like compound interest, and forms the core of the Leadership Sprint Sessions. That's the secret to the success leaders from around the world have had working with me in this format. 

Each week we will mutually come up with actions that specifically address the areas you want to improve. Because we are working one-on-one, these will be customized to your situation. They will deal with the different personality types, they will take into account the political climate in the office, and they will be tailored to achieving your goals,. By taking action, learning from that action, then taking further/better action week after week, the results you will see magnify immensely.

As you'll see below, we don't talk theory, we will be putting theory to practice every single week you work with me:

Week #1 Takeaways

  • Actions addressing your two biggest frustrations
  • Actions developing each of your three selected leadership traits

Week #2 Takeaways

  • Further actions based on the learning from the prior week
  • Identification and definition of your 3 main goals for the year
    • One action to take towards each goal this week
  • Actions addressing any other day-to-day issues or frustrations that popped up during the week

Week #3 Takeaways

  • Identifying one other big frustration/issue and identifying one action to take to address it this week
  • Identifying one other leadership skill you would like to address and one action to develop it
  • Habit of progress: One further action to take towards each goal set out in the prior week
  • Actions addressing any other day-to-day issues or frustrations that popped up during the week

Week #4 Takeaways

  • Clarification of the metrics or outcomes that define success for each goal going forward
  • Habit of progress: One further action to take towards each goal
  • Further actions surrounding your large frustrations/issues and leadership development skills
  • Actions addressing any other day-to-day issues or frustrations that popped up during the week

Week #5 Takeaways

  • Plans and milestones for your goals throughout the remainder of the year
  • Specific actions to take to address these goals along the way
  • My observations on how you can deal with anticipated problems in your specific situations as they arise in the future

The Break

  • I only open up these sessions every couple of months and I require at least a 4 week gap between your last session and your next one. Why?
  • So you get a chance to unpack, recall, and apply all that you learned. That only comes with time.
  • This gives you maximum value out of your sessions.
  • Remember, it's a sprint. So there needs to be time to process and use what you just learned before you're ready to sprint again.

Flexible Follow-Up

If your one-on-one sessions are the heart of the program, follow-up and questions throughout the week through Skype or e-mail will be the circulatory system. Regular communication with me will help you break through obstacles, see opportunities to leverage your new knowledge and get the best out of yourself and the team.

FRequently Asked Questions

"I don't live in the United States, can I still take part?" - Yes. Nearly half of my clients are outside the United States. We use Skype and telephone just like I would in the States. My calendar also adjusts to your time zone, so you have a clear picture on available times regardless of what continent you are on.

"I have a vacation planned in the middle of this, can I sign up?" - Yes. Vacations are essential to your health and productivity. I'm also well aware that emergencies, projects, and business trips come up. Typical clients finish their sessions in 5-7 weeks.

"I don't like video conferencing, is the phone OK?" - Absolutely. My preference is always video conferencing over Skype as the ability to see the other person always makes the communication richer, but we will have just as much success over the phone.

"Can I record our sessions?" - Yes. That being said, I will send over notes on what we discussed, key takeaways, and action items after each of our calls.

"I'm not a supervisor or manager yet, can I still sign up?" - No. This program is best suited for those in a current leadership role. While you would definitely get something out of the sessions, I want those enrolled to get AMAZING benefits, and those are best achieved by applying the learning immediately in their operation.

"WHEN CAN I SIGN UP!?!?!" - The Sign-Up Button will go live on this page at 12:00pm PST on this Wednesday March 8th. See details below on how to get a reminder from me right before.

Last Time These Spots Sold Out in 20 Minutes

I only have the time in my calendar to make 10 spots available in this series, and in January those spots disappeared in the first 20 minutes of opening. If you'd like to receive a reminder, so you don't miss out at 12:00pm PST on March 8th, then just send me an email at and I'll personally send you a reminder just before. You won't be added to any newsletter or mailing list, I just wanted to ensure those who are really interested don't miss out. And hey! Let me know what you'd like to improve and I'll give you some thoughts and actions to take right away!


Sign up for Leadership Sprint Sessions and see for yourself. If these five weeks don't improve your leadership skills and career prospects, I'll give you a complete refund. No hassles and we can part as friends - 100% guaranteed and 100% risk free!


This program isn't for everyone, and I want it to be right for you. This is for front-line leaders who want assistance getting the most out of themselves and their team. If you're an aspiring leader who is looking for your first leadership position, or an entrepreneur or executive looking for business strategy advice, I'm happy to answer questions through my regular channels, but this won't be for you.

But if you are a leader who wants to make a leap forward in your career and your leadership, this is the perfect opportunity.

What is the cost?

My hourly cost for coaching clients used to be $179 p/hour under the old model of monthly sessions and bi-weekly e-mail follow up. But under this new model of more intensive coaching, you and I are able to eliminate a lot of the waste (and maximize the benefit). You get five sessions with me of 30 minutes each for a total of only $249. Along with that comes exclusive access to me through e-mail or Skype between sessions and follow-up notes, takeaways, and actions after each session.

Still Not Sure? Just AsK

If you know one thing about me, it's that I don't mind answering questions. I think this is a fantastic program that will get you results and set you up for greater success in your career (that's why I'm confident to make it risk free for you). So if you have any questions at all about the program, me, or whether it's a fit, just ask me at

To your success,


P.S. Where will you be one year from now? 

If you don't get Leadership Sprint Sessions, you are likely to be struggling through some of the same issues you are right now, as well as some common leadership mistakes that more experienced leaders have learned how to prevent...

...Or you could sign up and be the leader who:

  • Develops the best talent in your organization
  • Sets the example for your peers
  • Is relied upon to get the big jobs done
  • Maintains control under all circumstances
  • Fosters collaboration and innovation
  • Thinks proactively and strategically
  • Is a strong communicator
  • Is ready for the next promotion!