Authentic, engaging and insightful, Cameron’s session at the Global Women’s Leadership Summit received some of the highest praise from our hundreds of participants.
— Mary Legakis Engel - Managing Director, Global Women's Leadership Summit

During my career I have had many opportunities to be a member of the audience at conferences. One thing I never much cared for was spending an hour or two listening to a speaker drone on and on and on and never having any clear direction on how to apply the topic to my day to day work. Based on those experiences I make every attempt to do the opposite in my keynotes. My audiences get engaged, are challenged and are tasked with key takeaways to bring back to their organizations upon their return. Practical, actionable and straight from a person who has experienced the challenges of leadership first hand. That's what conferences get when they bring me on board. 

While I have several of my more popular keynotes listed below, I truly enjoy coming up with customized presentations based on the audience's needs. The more relevant it is for them, the better your conference will be. So please don't hesitate to reach out to me with ideas and I'm positive we'll come up with something special. We can start the conversation at

Having you as the pre-conference speaker was awesome! We had so many people say they wished they had more of their team there. That is always good to hear.
— Ryan Zens - VP of Professional Development



Unexpected issues are a common occurrence and take up an enormous amount of a leader’s time. But were all of these issues really completely unexpected? We will take this time to look at how to maintain more control over the unexpected in your organization, how to plan for the completely unexpected, and how all of this increases the success of your organization and inspires your team.


The leader’s role is often to be the problem solver for the organization. With your operation bringing you a steady diet of what is going wrong it is often difficult to keep a positive mindset. In this session we will explore the realities surrounding your outlook, triggers you face in your daily work life, and practical ways to stay positive and get the most out of yourself and your team.

"The 7 Deadly Sins of LEADERSHIP"

We take an in-depth look at the dangers, causes and justifications for front line leadership problems like lack of communication, poor hiring, and micromanagement. You'll not only learn which sins you or your leader are most susceptible to, you'll learn practical ways to begin dealing with them in your day to day life.


So much of leadership is finding the right mix of opposite answers to the same leadership questions. Is it better to address your team’s strengths or their weaknesses? Do you tell them exactly how to do their job, or just tell them what end result is needed? Do you create attainable goals or goals that will stretch the team, but are less likely to be reached? In this session we will discuss some of the common questions we face as leaders, when to move from one side to the other on the “teeter-totter issue”, and how to ensure our “teeter-totter” isn’t stuck to the ground on one side.


All of the glamour and fame that come with positions in leadership (sarcasm intended) also come with a price. That price is the problems that need to be dealt with on a day in day out basis. One of the most impactful factors in the success of your organization is how you handle problems when they arise. In this session we’ll go over the best ways to stop problems before they occur, deal with problems when they come up, and how to learn from them so that they don’t happen again. 


Don't see any keynotes that meet your needs? Not a problem. What subject would you like your audience to hear? What holes can I fill in your conference schedule? My vast experience in management has helped me to get used to being flexible and I would love to create a customized presentation for your conference attendee needs.

PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME PERSONALLY AT CM@CAMERONMORRISSEY.COM To discuss how we can make your event a phenomenal success